Retailing from the Outside-In

A unique summit to discuss key issues facing department stores and explore opportunities for future developments.

Department Stores – similar to other industries – are navigating through a wave of transformational shifts questioning business models, investment strategies and even the durability of their current success.

Today’s customers are changing their patterns, visiting physical stores less and spending differently at all levels. They are informed and pampered as never before, with opinion leaders and influencers on social media taking on a central communication role, while weakening the persuasive impact of other stakeholders, including retailers and brands.

Department stores and retailers are eager to understand how to deal with the fundamental structural changes retailing is facing, how and by what means to connect to the new generations of customers and how to bring newness in their business model.

The 7th Global Department Store Summit will address the department stores’ challenged value proposition and bring into the discussion experts and leaders from innovative and different industries, to provide a fruitful outside-in view.

They will share their ideas and insights on subject matters including customers, technology, data, supply chain, digital marketing, sustainability and leadership models.

Listen to compelling success stories and future strategies presented by seasoned CEOs

Gain unique insights into the latest evolutions of the world's leading department stores and brands

Meet top executives from department stores, brands and suppliers from around the world

Simultaneous translation into Japanese, Chinese and Korean will be provided during all sessions.